Beam 2G Electric Hose with EZ Grip 30 FT 050931

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The 2G electric hose with EZ grip fits Beam, Electrolux and Honeywell powerheads that accept a square end.  The gas pump style hose handle has a variable speed slider switch for control of the power unit and an on/off switch for the powerhead.  The variable speed capability works only with current Beam, Electrolux and Honeywell models.  If the hose is used with other power unit makes and models, the switch will function as on on/off switch. The 2G electric hose is a crushproof style that is extremely durable and lightweight


  • Diameter (In) : 1 3/8"
  • Warranty-Years : 3
  • Hose Length (ft) : 30


  • Hose Type : Electric
  • Construction : Crushproof
  • Handle Type : Gas Pump
  • Neck Shape : Square
  • Handle Connection : Proprietary
  • Wall End : Pigtail


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