Fuller Brush Co. 6-Pack Paper Vacuum Bags for Uprights FBP-6

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All New Vacuums Include Bank’s FREE & FAMOUS Local Service, Tune-Ups and Repair Benefits
Ultra filtration bags for Mighty Maid, Tidy Maid and Fuller Brush Professional Vacuums capture dirt, dust and allergens. Sturdy bag collar and rubber seal keep dust in the bag where it belongs. Adhesive closure flap seals the bag for cleaner disposal. Easy to install and replace. Also fits Fuller Brush models FB-75, FB-75T, FB-80, FB-90, FB90T, FBHD1 and FBHD1T; and Fuller Brush Professional models FBP-95, FBP-95T, FBP-HD2, FBP-HD2T, FBP-12PW, FBP-14PW and FBP-14PWBP.


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