IQAir Atem

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Create your own pure air zone wherever you go.

The Atem empowers you to take control of your personal breathing zone. HyperHEPA filtration technology provides the purest air possible. For the first time ever, pure air filtration is available in a personal air purifier.

Breath Swiss air, anywhere

Take a deep breath of pure air in your personal breathing zone. What does the cleanest, freshest moutain air smell like? It's a scent you can't quite put your finger on. That's because it actually smells like nothing at all. You may not line in a majestic mountain region, but you can enjoy the sweet smell of nothing - truly clean air - wherever you need to be.

Breath clean air, anywhere

Take control of your own breathing zone with the Atem personal air purifier. Sleek, compact and powerful, the Atem lets you take charge of the air you breath. When your not inside your home, the quality of the air you breath is out of your control The Atem shifts that power back to you. Simply Plug it in and focus the PureJet air diffuser to your breathing zone. 


Clean air. Clear mind

Clean air is essential for proper brain function. Not only does air pollution affect brain development - it also affects productivity. Scientific evidence shows that breathing polluted air can impair memory and reasoning, reduce academic performance, and even lower intelligence. Studies are finding that people in areas with high air pollution score lower on cognitive-performance tests than those breathing less-polluted air. Keep your air clean and your mind clear in your personal breathing zone.


Atem's Unique Features

  • Advanced user interface - sensors respond to your touch turning the Atem on, off and changing fan speed.
  • Pure air made portable - it's so compact it can easily fit in your carry-on. Say goodbye to stuffy, dusty hotel rooms.
  • Air guidance technology - PureJet diffuser delivers clean air to where you need it most - your breathing zone. 
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