SEBO X4 Boost Upright - Red - 90505AM

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The Sebo Automatic X4 Boost is an update on a classic. This upgraded Sebo upright vacuum introduces the boost button, which allows you to select a faster brush roll speed, making for more aggressive brush action and more thorough cleaning on certain floor surfaces.

Aside from the aforementioned boost button, this model has all the other useful features from the standard Automatic X4. It utalizes the SEBO X Filter Bags that hold .92 gallons of dirt and debris. The SEBO Automatic X Exhaust filter  that cleans the air emitted by the vacuums motor. Finally, there's the Sebo Automatic X S-Class Pre-motor filter, which captures 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Additional Features

  • Protective automatic shutoff feature to prevent damage to vacuum
  • Brushroll indicator light, which alerts you if brush needs to be replaced
  • Full-bag indicator light that takes the guess work out of changing bags
  • Ergonomic carrying handle that is also a rotating cord hook
  • Utilizes large-capacity filter bags, which means infrequent replacement
  • Lengthy 40 foot power cord allows for large cleaning radius
  • Superior hospital-grade filtration, great for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Excellent vacuum for picking up pet hair and dander
  • Is backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty and lifetime belt warranty
  • Is incredibly quiet with a sound level of 69 dB
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